You can make money with twitter

This is the real question businesses are asking or at least they should be asking. After a month in the twitter trenches here is my opinion.

About a month ago a client asked if I could integrate automated twittering tool into their software.   I had heard a bunch about twitter and decided to learn a bit more.

I accomplished the first task.  I was able to build a rudimentary tool that could tweet from Microsoft Word, Excell and Access.  They still don’t know if they want to spend the money to fully integrate it into their software.  But it was easy to prove it could work.  I used an open-source tool called curl that can tweet from the command line pretty cool.  Especially for the nerdy.

Because of that task I have used a couple of other tools to help manage twitter.  First there are ones that help you manage multiple accounts and keep you up to date on facebook Both work on Mac and PC and are adobe air applications.  Seesmic and TweetDeck. I have been using both for over a month and tool like this definately make your tweeting and hooking up to facebook easier.

Last weekend I spent some time trying to figure out a way to add more people on twitter and it was taking a lot of time and randomness to follow people and to try to get people to follow back. I saw a reference to tool on twitter from a gentleman named Dave Katz his twitter handle is @bullseyevideo his youtube testimonial about the product is here youtube testimonial There are also a couple called hummingbird. It looks like there is the original and a number 2. I am not super sure how good those two are because I couldn’t test them. I will try the tweetadder to see how it works.

This is just a small bit of information Here are a couple links I found for this. I am constantly reminded. I am never going to be the world expert on Social Media, Twitter, Facebook or the many many many others.

Here is a great article on Mashable Corporate Twitter Toolbox: Twitter Tools for the Enterprise

If you want to get in the know about social media you need to be following Mashable in some way, twitter or rss.

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