Fear and Taxes in Texas

With fear and interpretation I decided to waste my day at another government office. I arrived at the tax and registration building with a book in hand prepared to spend an uncomfortable amount of time waiting to get this handled.

I arrived the Travis County tax office; the parking lot was full, and as usual was met by a woman with a monotone voice. She asked me a few questions and then handed me my number. I looked up on the board and saw I was the third in line. Wow? I didn’t have time to open my book I was only sitting for about 30 seconds before my number was called. I had my new license plate and was out the door in less than 10 or 15 minutes. I wish every government office was this way.

I understand from talking with a couple of people that the drivers license division is the same old government office story.

I bet if those employees were paid by how many people they helped everyday. The would be much more efficient

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