Get the Boss To Pay You More

I realized that most of the posts on this blog are directed at business owners.  However there are a lot more employees than there are owners.  So I thought I’d talk to the employees.

As an Employee How would you like to make 20% more? 30% more? 50% more?

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Here are a couple of examples: #1 I was moved to an office that was missing deadlines. I designed a way for each employee to make more money if they completed more work. It took about 2 months. But at the end of the two months the average wage in the office had improved from $8 an hour to $12 an hour. And there was one person that was a really hard worker and he was making over $20 an hour. And we were beating our deadlines by two hours. Even though we were paying the employees more it was not costing the company any more than it had before. Happy employees and happy company

Example #2: There was a scanning job. I felt it was a bit unfair. The operators could only make $12 an hour because they couldn’t make the scanner go any faster. It was a critical job and I wanted the employees to be  rewarded for being dependable and loyal. This was actually an employee idea. They said “can we run two scanners?” But what they were really saying was can I double the amount of money I make. I thought this was a great idea. Because it turned an average paying job into one of the highest paying jobs in the office., at $24 an hour. Once again the employees were happy and it didn’t cost the company any more to get the same amount of work done. Happy employees and happy company.
Have you ever felt like you were working your butt off and the person next to you was slacking. But you were getting paid the same? This is the way I get people paid more. I figure out how to make sure the hard working employees get more money and the slackers get less.

I have done it for thousands of employees.

And I can do it for you!

If you want talk to people who have worked for me and with me.  Contact me and I will get you names of people who have felt the cash in their pockets.

And I can do it for you.

Many industries have been paying their employees this way for many years.  Doctors, Lawyers and other high paying professionals are getting paid this way now and have been for a long time. How do you think they get paid so much money?  I think they like it. I think you will like it too.

Just tell your owner.  Hey I heard about a guy that can make you more money in this down Economy.  And have him give me a call.


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