Outrage over bonuses

Wall St bonuses spark outrage on Main Street USA | Reuters
Are you mad that wall street bankers are getting million dollar bonuses while you can’t make your house payment?

Why do the get that kind of money and you can just barely get buy. Pay-for-performance is the answer. They get paid by what they produce so the bigger the deal the bigger the paycheck. This is the same for doctors and Lawyers. All professions were they make big bucks. All doctors learn the more patients they see the more procedures they preform, the more staff they hire the more they will get paid.

More owners need to figure this out and start paying their employees they same way they get paid.
For instance every owner of a McDonald Franchise makes money for every burger that gets sold. He makes more money when people like the burger and come back. If the employees got paid for every burger that was sold and them more for people coming back they would make sure the customer is taken care of. This is an over simplification but I hope you get the idea.

Do you want to get paid like a doctor or a Lawyer?
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