So Many Cool Things on the Web

Everyday I am discovering cool new things on the web.  I am going to add more of these things to my posts.   For instance there was a cool article in the Wall Street Journal about getting jobs from tweeting. Here is the link Job tweeting

I will continue to add these things.  Remember I am also in the process of changing my focus from just web development consulting, which I am good at to  also include my superpower of compensation consulting where I show business owners how to get their employees to think and act like owners.  It’s incredible what can be done with a few small changes to a business.

Web technology is something that can make these changes easier and quicker.  That is why it is so important that I stay current and devote some of my focus to web technology.

Thanks to Stock.xchng for the cool photo
Thanks to Stock.xchng for the cool photo

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