Working less makes you more money

Results of their study were in and they couldn’t believe what they found.

My cousin is one of the owners for a company that copies legal documents.

They were looking for ways to try and make more profit. One of the ways was to figure out how much work their employees were doing and maybe get them to do some more work. They had been keeping track of who was doing what jobs and so they started researching what every employee did.

The were a little surprised by what they found.
The oldest, more loyal employee was doing the least amount of work. I was talking to my cousin and explained to him she had been there the longest and had figured out better than anyone how to look like a good employee without doing more work. He agreed.

It’s been a year since I had the conversation and so I gave him a call to see what had happened. He said that employee no longer worked there and he had a great crew now. They are being more productive. He believes some of the younger workers only work hard for a couple of years and start to slack off. He said his crew was a little more mature and he thinks they are working harder.

This also brings up a good point. Most of the time pay-for-performance isn’t something managers never understand. They all are thinking things are running smoothly and the company is profitable. Why do I need to fix something that isn’t broken.

And most people will go on with their lives.

This is the question are you willing to do what it takes to make the change?

I know I can help my cousin’s business $100,000 more in profit every year. Oh well his loss.

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