No Cost Motivation – Make sure you do it correctly

I just read this article The No-Cost Way to Motivate – BusinessWeek by Patrick Lencioni.

The article basically suggests that managers need to be more aware of the lives of the people the manage. I think it doesn’t go far enough. HappyPuzzle

I believe managers should have conversations with people they manage. Then need to listen and find out what need, what they want, and what their hopes and dreams are. Not only should we listen, but we should try and find ways for to meet those needs and wants. Of course they need to be appropriate, timely and prudent.

While I hope managers will do these things I know few will take this advice. But I can hope.

I have had hundreds of people who work for me. Many of those people, given the chance, would come to work with me if I called them up today. Because they know I listen and respect them.

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