Working Your Online Video

I am going to give you a little example of how video can help your business.

However first a little history. So when you see logos and hear names you will know the how and why. My brother and I have the Same Initials DMG. A few years back we both decided to register company names. Mine DMGSouth and his DMGFilms. If you look at our logos they are similar. That is my fault. I am the technical/web/design guy and he is the Film guy. His first name is David, but he goes by Mike.

So here is the story. Watch the video to see what Teryl McKnight and her company do

Aftere a couple of months My brother went back to see how it was going and spoke to the Teryl about the video. Here is what she said.

If you are interested in a video give me a call 210.825.6535.

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