I Hate Change

I read this article today posted about a teacher in LA I Hate Change is what the article should have been titled. I have worked with so many people who feel this way about pay-for-performance systems. Here is an article I wrote a while back Money

I wish the critics would get more involved with the discussion so they make sure they are getting paid more for what will make a difference in the education system. Maybe the loudest critics are the lazy teachers that really don’t care about the students and realize they are not willing to work hard enough to make a difference.

I was working in an office were we had implemented a pay for performance system. There were lots of tasks available to be done. This one individual like only doing one task and when he didn’t have anything to do he wanted the company to pay him to do nothing. I asked him why he was sitting around when he could be doing other work. He replied “It’s almost like I have to work to get paid.” I still laugh about that today. We all need to work to get paid. I just hope we are working and getting paid for our performance. I think all the complainers in pro sports would stop complaining if they would implement a better pay for performance system. I could continue but I will save that for another article

If you understand pay for performance you should demand that from the place you work.

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