Motivation, Hurricanes, 60 Minutes, MPAA And Sand Foundations

Less than a week after a hurricane warning 60 Minutes and the MPAA prove me right

I am referring to the article I wrote last week about industries like the movie industry and newspaper industry not heading the warning that a hurricane is going to blow ashore and wash away their beach front property Of Hurricanes and Idiots

Instead The movie industry says that the tropical storm of organized crime is some how connected to the Category 5 hurricane, that is customer demand. All the consumers have the motivation to have content delivered to them more easily. Just like music. Look at the success of itunes. While there still is some music sharing going on. There are so many paid alternatives that are better than trying to get music free off of the internet. People are paying for those alternative. All of us watching the news are saying evacuate your prized beach houses they are going to get blown down. As always it is a new innovative company that is on safe ground that will reap the benefits of the industries that have stayed in vain to protect their beach front houses.

Check out this article Propoganda hits 60 Minutes

My message to the music industry. Empty your house take what you can and rebuild in a new safe location. Build a new innovative house that will with stand the storms that come. however I believe I warn in vain

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