Science Not Art, But It Is A Beautiful Thing


It’s amazing the authors of this story don’t have any idea why the “magic” is happening in the story. I think it’s safe to say when something gets called “Art” is basically misunderstood. As read over this article – The Art Of Motivation It is clear by the sub heading Nanette Byrnes and Michael Arndt are baffled by what they saw. They know it is amazing! But they can’t quite put there finger on what is happening at Nuccor. They did a great job of reporting the facts. Here are some amazing facts. A steel plant in America with a 389% return to the investors. While many tech companies like Amanzon and Microsoft could not even come close to the profits. Another fact is that the workers are making 3 times the national average.

Right from the beginning it is obvious they don’t really understand what is going on. The subheading reads “What you can learn from a company that treats it’s employees like owners” The subheading should have read “Learn from a company that knows how to motivate employees to act like owners.” The important thing is the sentence is the “Act”ing. This is the critical piece to this puzzle. This is basic science. You find out what the owner wants. Then you find out what the employee wants and then you make that the same for both. The is were the “Magic” happens. But it is pure science and not art or magic.
This is a great article because it proves that will be effective anywhere.

Motivation applied properly gives beautiful results.

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