Is Innovation Art or Science?

This may be a pretty lame article because I can’t think of a cool way to start.  So if your looking to be entertained.  click the search bar and go find a replay of the latest American Idol act.

I try to find and read articles on Innovation. I want to find out how and why people are innovating.  I want to find out to be a better innovator and how to get people to be more innovative.

I read an article this week that gave me great hope for innovation in my own life and for the people Interact with.

The article that referred to a 6 year study of innovation, conducted by three professors Jeff Dyer of Brigham Young University, Hal Gregersen of Insead, and Clay Christensen of Harvard Business School. How Do Innovators Think? – BusinessWeek and The Innovator’s DNA – Harvard Business Review

The exciting thing in the article is that innovation can be learned and improved.  The other thing in the study that was very encouraging to me is that they understand the root cause of innovative thinking.  Mostly to be a better innovator you need to constantly be asking questions.  Questions like “Why are we doing this?”, “Can this be done better, faster, more efficiently.”

I have noticed sometimes in my life I get a little lazy and get used to the status quo.  I like turning on the autopilot and fall asleep while things move forward.  This is where the disruptive innovation needs to be driven home.  I need to start asking questions and finding out if things can be done better.   My wife is pretty good and getting me to start asking some of those questions.

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