It's amazing what a little honey will attract

Things in the world, and the world its self, seem a bit shaky.    Where can one find a bit of stability.   I’ve pondered these questions more intently as of late and I have come to a conclusion.  We must constantly question everything.  I believe most humans hunger for things to stay the same, for things to always be as they ever were.  However thing are constantly changing, business, society even the very ground we stand on.  The only safety we find can be found in constantly questioning.  What if our job went away?  What if I have to move to another town?  What if there is an earthquake?  What if the things my parents told me about God are wrong?  What if the things my science teachers/professors are wrong?  Some times the answers we find are the answers we always find.  Two plus two is still four.  However, at some point someone asked the question why can’t men fly.  And instead of believing what had always been said, “People were not born with wings and cannot fly.”  They discovered a way to fly.  We all need to be looking for ways to make our lives better, our families lives better and the lives of those around us better.  We constantly need to be asking  how can I make things better.  I believe this is what is going make us successful in the future.

As I start to get excited about this new way of thinking.  I am starting to realize how sweet this idea really is I start to find many others that are preaching a very similar idea.  I believe we are moving from the information age into the innovation age.  We all must learn how to innovate on a daily basis to be successful in the future.  The difficult part about constantly questioning and constantly trying to innovate is that it is counter to human nature and our desire to setup systems and rituals that we can be comfortable with.  Our world, the actual ground we walk on, the society in which we live and the customers for which we provide services are constantly changing an shifting and unless we, our families, our business and our society are constantly innovating we will not be able to keep up with the constant changing environments within which we all live we will be pushed aside and left for dead.

Now is the time to question?  How can I do better?  What can I do better?

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