Age of Innovation

The Age of Innovation is upon us.  Learn how to be innovative or get run over.

It’s interesting I have grown up in the information age. However with the advent of Google most information is free and there are

Thanks to Nasa for this drawing
Thanks to Nasa for this illustration

volumes, billions of volumes created everyday. I have realized over the past year that we are in a new age. Most people don’t realize we are into a new age for sometime. I am starting to find more signs of this. I did a search of innovation on the Wall Street Journal and found this article by Russell Garland ” A Golden Age for Innovation ”  Garland quotes Jeff Bussgang as the one coining the phase.

Living in the United States we grow up with the belief we can do anything, and anything is possible.  This is the essence of freedom and is at the root of innovation and inspiration.   I use the Wright Brothers as one of the best examples of innovation.  For thousands of years people believed flying was impossible, even though they constantly watched birds fly.  Even a great Scientist, Lord Kelvin, told a reporter in early 1902 that Flying “would never be a commercial success … and people should stop waisting their lives” a few people had died trying.  In December 1903 the Wright Brothers took their first flight at Kitty Hawk.

Over that pass 100 years or so if you invented something you created it, patented it, sold it and made money.   With the industrial age we learned how to make things faster and cheaper.  With the advent of the information age we find the cheapest places to have things made and manipulated.  So giant very well funded companies are winning the day.

Be warned the winds of change constantly blowing.  Sometimes these winds are hurricanes that decimate an industry.  Example the Music industry vs the MP3 Hurricane.

Just like the manufacturing jobs that have left the US over the past 30 years a fairly rapid pace.  Now information jobs are even more rapidly leaving the US.  Not so much that they are done cheaper, and they are done cheaper, but many times the resources can’t be found here in the US.  So now the information workers need to realize winds of change are blowing and I as well as you need to adapt to survive.

Here is how to adapt, and living in the United States with the most freedoms, is perfectly placed to handle the “New Age of Innovation”

Here is how I am, and hopefully  you are, going to survive this new age.


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