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Every time I hear the word freedom I remember that point in Braveheart, right before William Wallace is about to be pulled apart by horses, when he yells “FREEDOM”  So we all know William Wallace was motivated by freedom, and was willing to die for it.

The question we all need to be asking is; Am I willing to fight and die for freedom.

Too often we give up our freedom to get something temporary.  If I want a car I get into debt, (slavery if it’s more than I can afford),  We become indentured servants to the bank to be able to drive the car.  Think about the credit score.  What it really indicates is how available we are to give up our freedom.

There are numerous examples of how we are giving up our freedom.  Take a moment now and think….  What freedoms  are you giving up?  What are you getting in return for giving up that freedom.

You have to be careful with this excersize.   You and I must decide if what you are giving up your freedom for is better than being free.  For instance.  I am married.  I gave up  some freedom to be married.  However, I would have never know the happiness I know now if I were not married and didn’t have kids.  I gave up some freedom to get a ton of happiness.  To me well worth the sacrifice.

I give up some of my freedom to have a career, However I am extremely more motivated to get a good job and provide for my family than if I had been single.  I am also motivated to minimize the time I spend working and maximize the value I bring to clients.  Because this maximize my freedom to spend time with my family.

We all need to think this question as we make decisions; Is this going to maximize my freedom? Is this going to maximize my happiness?  We need to experiment with this?  One way too is to ask other people if they have made similar decisions and what was their outcome.

We all should be yelling freedom everyday, at work, at home and when we are anywhere else.  Freedom.. Liberty.. Agency ..Autonomy All tell us about what we need to be fighting for.

If businesses are trying to better motivate their employees they should try a little freedom.

Below is a video about how companies giving there people more freedom/autonomy can add to greater productivity.

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