Down with Taxes!

Everyone wants someone else to pay taxes. Today in the New York Times the most popular article is “The Paradox of Corporate Taxes in America” – . It’s so easy to say , “Their rich, make them pay my taxes.” But what if they pay more taxes and you lose your job because to pay the higher taxes they can’t afford you. Now all they can afford is to have your job done in India.

We are not rational and that no one realizes the long term effects.

Sadly everyone is selfish and ultimately will choose what is best for themselves. This needs to be realized in every business transaction.

We must all realize to live in America we are going to have to pay taxes. We need to be trying to figure out how to effective and efficiently spread the burden around.

Good Day.

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  1. T. Reed says:

    The premise of this post is totally flawed! We don’t want the rich to pay “OUR” taxes, We want them to pay “THEIR” taxes! Which they tend to be able circumvent in whole or part through Caymen Island holdings and other maneuvers of trickery both legal and illegal. Some very large companies have gotten away with not only circumventing tax laws, but in addition, outsourcing anyway, and sometimes even receiving inflated Government contracts, and subsidies (Corporate welfare that adds up to billions). If those Large corporations paid their fair share and didn’t take the handouts, that would probably go a long way towards creating greater economic balance , but until that happens…
    not such a good day.

    1. Dee Gardner says:

      T. Reed
      I do agree with you that the rich and large corporations don’t pay their fair share of taxes. And it doesn’t seem fair that they get get to keep more than we do.

      I just wish people would care more, and be more passionate about it, like you. Then maybe their would be change.

      BTW. Good luck with your sound studio this year.


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