I am never going to be popular.

I used to believe what I have could make people happy, or at least happier. However, in the past several years I discovered I am fool. I can’t make or help people be happier, they are going to have to do that themselves.

I have also discovered most people don’t want to be happy they would rather be miserable, really miserable.

Most of us don’t want other people telling us to do, mostly because each of us thinks we have it all figured out.

We all believe something that what is just out of our reach is what is going to make us happy, and that what ever it is keeping us from what ever it is just out of our reach is what is keeping us unhappy.

I believe I need to find my own happiness with what I can reach right now.

So how does that figure into I am never going to be popular?

Well over the past 5 years I have been trying to build on the web. I have discovered that there are lots and lots of critiques on the internet. The louder, the more negative and the more messed up they are the more popular they seem to become. In my attempt to be happy I am trying not to be negative and criticize.

I also realize that conflict is what keeps people reading. So lacking the conflict and criticism that breed internet popularity.

I will stay anonymous.

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  1. Tony says:

    I think some people think they have it all figured out. Many people, like myself for instance don’t. The one thing I have figured out is that my employer is buying me the ipad 2 when it come out next month.

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