Fear is keeping you poor

Fear keeps most people poor.

Sadly it’s the companies that fear putting a variable pay system, also know as pay for performance in place. Variable pay is where companies pay you more if you work hard and produce more. Many sales professionals are paid this way. All doctors and dentists are paid this way. They get paid by what they do and if they get good they are paid more.

I have converted many processes to pay for performance system. Every time I have done this the average pay increased by 50%. Some individual workers, who figured out how to be better and faster increased they pay by up to 500%.

In one office raised the wages in a three month period from $8 an hour to $12 an hour. The highest paid person was making over $20 an hour.

In another office I took the average wage from $12 an hour to $18 an hour with the highest paid making over $40 an hour.

Every day I am saddened by the fear that keeps America’s working class continually poor and unproductive.

It truly is tragic.

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