Football? What are the real goals?

I’ve all but given up watching ESPN! Every time I turn the channel to Sport Center, I get a little basketball, then I am slammed in the face again with more drivel about the NFL labor situation.

Do I care? A bunch of wealthy guys, the players, and a small group of really really rich guys, the owners. Bickering about money. Who cares, really.

If I was doing the negotiations for either side I would setup a “Pay for Performance” plan. The owners know how much each seat in each Arena cost. They know how much they can make if a seat is filled. They know how much revenue each viewer will bring.

tying those things as an incentive to compensation should work as an incentive to get them to perform.

The problem that Pay per Performance eliminates the ego. People like their egos, because their egos are what make them feel important. If you take their ego’s out of the equations they don’t have anything to feel important about.

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