I HATE managers

I’ll say it again, I hate managers.

Well more specifically Management Ego. You know where the manager says “Do it my way!” and thinks, “Because they made me the Manager, and pay me more than you, I am right.”

A that point I have to get out the shovel because I have to dig my way out of a load of crap.

Management Ego Gets in the way of innovation.

Increasing Innovation requires destroying management ego;

Get rid of the ego, listen to the people doing the work, give them the tools they need to succeed, then get out of the way! and watch the money pile up.

If your looking to help build A pile of money I can help.

If your looking for something else. Please don’t waste my time.

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  1. Terree says:


    HERE’s one for the books that should make you shake your head in disbelief! I had a dept. manager at United Healthcare once, that addressed the whole dept. seated around the conference table who said the following: “I don’t know what you people do, I don’t want to learn what you people do, and I don’t need to learn or understand what you people do. I was brought here to manage, and that is what I know how to do – – manage you people.” We were running quite well without a manager, but we felt we needed an advocate relay our concerns and recommendations to depts. that did have managers. Also, other depts. were getting reviews for raises, and we thought we needed someone to speak on our behalf for those too. But we were all aghast by her little speach to us, because how was she to appraise our work performance?!?

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