Idiots and Fools

Managers that implement these sorts of programs without finding out one simple thing are idiots and fools.

What is that one simple thing?

It’s really just one question. “What do you want?”

Then the manager, owner, fool in charge ask themselves what do I want? To stop being the idiot and the fool you realize; I can trade what I want for what they want. Reward program, compensation plan or pay scale it’s all the same. I was making $9 an hour, cleaning a butchers shop, as a sophomore in high school,1985 . I made $20 an hour gluing rocks together my first year in college, 1988. The second year after earning my associates degree I was working 5 hours a day getting paid over $75,000 a year teaching people how to count paper, 1996. Amazingly a few were making $40 an hour counting that paper, the average was $18.

I’ve heard it some where “ask and you shall receive.”

This is a comment in reference to the Tech Republic Article “Do Formalized Reward Programs Really Work?”

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