The World is Falling Apart

It’s astounding; we are taught as children not to believe the chicken littles running around, but when the Wall Street Journal prints an article that says the “sky is falling” it becomes the most popular story for the day. I think people are pessimistic and love to find things that prove the worst is happening. Today there is a story by Ian Sherr and Shira Ovide titled Computer Sales in Free Fall. It discusses the PC sales drop of 14% in the last quarter. The article theorizes that people are migrating to smartphones and tablets. Another theory is that everyone is waiting to skip the Windows 8 upgrade. The article did not discuss the economy because they’ve used that excuse for five years and that is worn out now.

3D_ChickI have a theory, maybe people are not excited about PC’s anymore because they realize that if their computer is less than 5 years old it probably does not need to be replaced. They are waiting for the new touch-screen computers to get a bit cheaper. Then they will be able to buy a touch screen computer and edit video on an 8 core processor. Maybe, people think that the 4th Quarter, the Christmas quarter, is the best time to buy a computer. It would be gratifying to have a crystal to look into and see the real reason, but for today it makes a headline. I was drawn to, like the bug is instinctively drawn to the light. As I bump into the bulb, I realize I followed another chicken little.

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