Grasping at Straws

It’s amazing how much emphasis we put on grades and test scores in this country, it’s a cultural thing.  We all compare grades and test scores.  If you have a high school PeopleAtDesksstudent in your house everyone is concerned about the score on the tests, SAT and ACT.  They also compare grade point averages and how they are doing.    It’s not surprising that when someone actually looks at the data is show those things don’t mean very much.  In an article by Adam Bryant, a columnist from the new york times, On GPAs and Brainteasers: New Insights From Google On Recruiting and Hiring Bryant explains that Google has discovered GPA and test scores have no relevance in determining the success of future performance in the company.


After reading the article they don’t discuss the real issue.  The kids that do well at school are best suited for the school environment (The school game).  The work environment (The work game) is different from the school game.  The good thing about the school game,  the environment is very structured and the goals are clear.  However, many companies don’t know how to set up the game to make the rules and the goals clear.  Then sadly, employees do not perform as the company needs them too.

Companies and managers need understand that part of the game is trading employees the value they have and can give for the value the company needs.  Setting up the right rules and goals and learning how to trade for value is critical to business success.


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