It doesn’t have to be this way

After reading hearing about the walk out planned by fastfood workers  I am saddened there is not more understanding with this problem.  If employers for the fast food companies, McDonalds, Wendy’s, Burger King and all others would learn how to pay appropriately then there would not be this problem.  Sadly the wisdom to make this happen is not available to many people.  If everyone understood pay for performance there would not be the problems there are today.  Sadly the employers try to cheat the workers, and the workers in-turn try to cheat the owners.  It’s a vicious cycle that produces low wages and lazy workers.

The way to turn this around is to pay the employees based on how well the restaurant does.  If an fast food company makes $6000 for the day.  Their over head costs may be $2000.  If they average 8 people on staff for 12 hours at $7.50 an hour its really /$60 an hour So that is $720 in labor.  What if 6 people could do the job of eight?  Divide the $720 by 6 and you get $9.00 an hour.  That is an extra $1.50 for everyone per hour.  Believe me it will make a difference to the poor people that are working at those job.  I have seen people figure out how to be even more productive when more money is available.  I’ve even felt that motivation myself and was able to work my but off and produce a lot of stuff.

I will keep trying to evangelize my methods and system.  I will find a way to make a difference for these people.

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