Labor vs Capital – learning how to look busy while not doing anything.

Every time I learn about another industry I hear the same thing about the front line workers, “They are very creative at figuring out how to get out of work.”

I recently read an article, and doing a google search shows that somewhere around 1980 productivity continued to rise, but wages have stayed stagnant.   Some would argue that improvements in technology have made the increase in productivity and not the hard work of labor.

The interesting thing about labor is they are doing what they have been encouraged to do.  They have been encouraged to trade their time for a wage.  The longer labor can stretch out their work, the more money they can make.  Capitol then gets upset when they get what they are encouraging.

Capital (The company owners/and managers) are either too lazy or too arrogant to admit there is a better way.  The companies, owners, and managers that realize their shortcomings are the ones that are going to come out on top and make the most money in the end.

Capital needs to learn how to stop encouraging lazy.

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