Sharepoint some cool stuff

I have heard about sharepoint for some time now but just haven’t had the time to do any exploring.  A couple of months ago I had was talking to the Network Administrator, Tim, at work about Sharepoint.  He indicated they had a sharepoint site already set up but that no one was using it.  In… development, jQuery and .net 3.5

Over the past two moths I have been exploring  .net 3.5.  I have discovered that developing in Microsofts world there are lots of tools and built in libraries to make developing much faster.  Coming from the past three years of lots of open-source, PHP/Linux development Microsoft makes many development chores a lot easier.  And you…


If you organization is a Microsoft Shop Sharepoint can be very valuable.   It will chage your life.  It is easy to setup, manage and customize.  It has functions for setting up blogs for everyuser and storing important document and files all in one place.  Over the last few months I have been setting up and…

You've got to find the right key words

To do well with the search engines you have to do well with the key words.  You need to know which ones are driving the traffic to your sites.  Especially for those in a niche market you need to own  your key words and drive the internt searches to your site.

Online – image editing program

This is just about the easiest to use image editor on the web, it’s simple and easy to use.  Plus it’s sooo much better than paint. checkout —- Splashup