New Sprint Phone HTC Evo 4G

The rumors are true. I had heard for sometime about that sprint had a 4g phone in the works. It was cool to see the specs when it was announced. I am doing what I can to get my hands on one of those phones. Eventually I will. I will have to see what the…

Not just "Think Different"

Find out the five “Discovery Skills” innovators use on a daily basis to find new ideas.  The good thing is that these things can be learned and cultivated.  Steve Jobs and Apple have it partially right with “Think Different”  However, acting different is the essential ingredient to innovation.

It's amazing what a little honey will attract

Things in the world, and the world its self, seem a bit shaky.    Where can one find a bit of stability.   I’ve pondered these questions more intently as of late and I have come to a conclusion.  We must constantly question everything.  I believe most humans hunger for things to stay the same,…

Is Innovation Art or Science?

This may be a pretty lame article because I can’t think of a cool way to start.  So if your looking to be entertained.  click the search bar and go find a replay of the latest American Idol act. I try to find and read articles on Innovation. I want to find out how and…

This Guy Gets It

I am always scouring the internet for pay-for-performance stories and situations.  Occasionally I find someone who gets pay for performance. Check out this article by Mike Figliuolo Managers and owners need to realize Humans are not a resource to used up and spit out.  They are people