Odd Man Out Economics

This is a very interesting video. If what he is saying is true we all need to think a bit more about how we present our products and services.

Twitter down?

I usually don’t check twitter on Sundays.  But I checked it this morning and was down. If anyone else is having the same problem let me know.

Google Wave Explained Simply

I’ve had a developers wave account since July 2009.  I finally got an invite a couple of weeks ago.  I invited a few of my friends and I have a couple of invites if you are interested.  I found this video which explains it very well and is entertaining too.

No Cost Motivation – Make sure you do it correctly

I just read this article The No-Cost Way to Motivate – BusinessWeek by Patrick Lencioni. The article basically suggests that managers need to be more aware of the lives of the people the manage. I think it doesn’t go far enough. I believe managers should have conversations with people they manage. Then need to listen…