China Pay Too High?

20% pay increases every year for the past 10 years in China.  At first glance, this looks like a great thing.  It would seem that china is trying to raise the standard of living for their people.  The real problem is that China, similar to the US, has not figured out how to pay for…

Pay People, Especially Poor People, More

Reading an article today by Ralph Nader, America’s Miserly Wage Needs an Upgrade, got me thinking.  I look at the the companies I have worked for over the years I am saddened by the wages  for which people will trade their time. Unfortunately, I have worked for low wages myself out of desperation.  Like it explains…

The World is Falling Apart

It’s astounding; we are taught as children not to believe the chicken littles running around, but when the Wall Street Journal prints an article that says the “sky is falling” it becomes the most popular story for the day. I think people are pessimistic and love to find things that prove the worst is happening….

I was looking for some inspiration, I found Creativity

I was looking for some inspiration on something to write about and I found this article in the Wall Street Journal Tactics to Spark Creativity.  I think it is critical that we all find ways to get to that place where we can be creative. We need to look for ways, to be creative. For instance, if…

Fire the Managers

This is something that I believe and had heard a similar line of thinking from Daniel Pink. I found this article on linked-in today. by Ilya Pozin Fire the Managers. Give it a read and see what you think?