Top 10.5 twitter helpers

Top 10 Twitter tools to help dominate Twitter!

There are tools out there to help you on twitter. I did a search to for tools and these are some I came up with

1. Twitter Karma

This is one of my favorite. for making a bunch of changes at once.

2.Twitter Grader
The Twitter grader uses an algorithm to grade your followers in a points system ranging from one to hundred. From the grade given to each follower, you can find out how “followed” they are and decide whether you wish to continue following them.

2. Twinfluence

Twinfluence is a scientific measurement tool which will help you to decide which Twitter user you wish to follow. This tool is similar in principle to the Twitter Grader, but its workings are a little different.

3. Tweetcloud

For most users, the type of content that others tweet about is important while deciding whom to follow. Tweetcloud will form a tag cloud on the type of content that people tweet about. This will help the users to decide on whether they wish to follow a particular person or not.

4. Friend or Follow

Friend or follow is a tool which is similar to Twitter Karma in principle. This tool is more useful to those users who have a large number of followers, follows and fans to manage.

6. Qwitter

Qwitter can be a useful tool. Whenever some users stop following you, Qwitter e-mails you. It even tells you what made them stop. You could try to figure out if what you tweeted really drove people away. But I don’t Think So.

7. Nest. Unclutterer

This could be a useful little tool after you get a ton of followers. But for me and my house we are going to have to wait for this to be effective.

8. Twittoria

This is a tool which will let you know which of your tweeps have been inactive for a specified time period, 1 week 2 weeks 6 months and so. The funny thing is it just identified. some of my friends I’ve know before twitter.

9. TweetSum “No link for you”

It looks like this was release in February, but they haven’t done anything since. they have a fun little video. But the service doesn’t seem to work. Maybe they are just trying to get your username and password. That reminds me I better change it. Are they really D Bags?

10. Tweepler

This can help you manage your tweeps. I still think twitter karma is better. But you may like this tool better. It’s better than the twitter interface

10. 5 tweetadder
I have been trying their trial for several days and I actuall spent money to get a license for this. It has way more functionallity than the rest. But I will still continue to use some of the other ones to help me build my following.

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