Poor Management Kills Another Good Idea.

While I thought a bunch of what happened while George Jr was in the White House. However, the NSPS (National Security Personnel System) was a good idea. Even Obama advocates a similar system for public school teachers. Teacher Pay Redesign

There has been some press about the death of the NSPS. It is basically a pay-for-performance systems implemented at the defense department. I am a bit saddened by the happy tone of the reporters touting the failure of the system.

Here are a couple of articles dustbin and Final Act

It really was a good idea, get workers to perform and let them get paid more if their performance is better. But it looks like the management that set it up made it too complex, not enough of the mangers learned how to really make it work, and a bunch of people complained because they just didn’t understand how it would benefit them

These systems can and do work if managed correctly. Check out a couple of my other stories

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