I was looking for some inspiration, I found Creativity

I was looking for some inspiration on something to write about and I found this article in the Wall Street Journal Tactics to Spark Creativity.  I think it is critical that we all find ways to get to that place where we can be creative. We need to look for ways, to be creative. For instance, if you don’t like something that is happening at work, are you looking for ways to make the problem better? When you go shopping, are you looking for ways to make it faster? More enjoy able? For instance, I don’t drink coffee, but I like to walk past the coffee grinder in the store to smell that freshly ground smell. Some times I stop by the utensil section, to see if an innovative person has created something that is going to make being in the kitchen a bit more enjoyable.

I believe success in the future is going to be much more about how creative we can be, compared to the past were many times, especially in public schools we are discouraged from being creative.

I also believe creativity is what has kept the US as the worlds biggest economy. I believe this stems from the freedom we enjoy here. We are free to believe what ever we want, We are free to think what ever we want, and we are taught that anything is possible. We are a nation of dreamers, dreamers of something better.

We all need to find a way to be more creative today, than we were yesterday.

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