There is not a productivity problem!

On the front page of the US Wall Street Journal today there is an article that bemoans the problems in the US with low productivity rates (WSJ 2017).   So sad, that all of the American workers are so lame.(If I was speaking you would hear the sarcasm)  It’s easy for management, critics, and pundits to constantly complain about this.  However, managers who use this line of reasoning are lazy and impotent.  Of course, there is a better way…

If companies want to overcome productivity problems they need to do a bit of studying on Profit Sharing and Daniel Pink’s motivation.   These are just a couple of tools companies can use to overcome productivity issues.  Fortunately, it takes work and in that there is the advantage.   Things that get us out of out comfort zone are the things that get us ahead.

Are you ready to get out of your comfort zone and take advantage of the productivity tools that will get you ahead?

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